Explosion safe lifts

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Explosion safe lifts

Thanks to our thorough knowledge of the specific rules and regulations brought about by the hazardous environment in the petrochemical industry, Goodlift NL Consultancy is one of the very few companies able to design, manufacture and install lifts suitable for use in hazardous areas. Hazardous areas may be the result of gasses, vapours, liquids or dust. We can offer the solution for each of these hazard types.

Our product range is huge, including electric traction passenger and passenger/goods lifts, suitable for loads between 300 and 5000 kg, whilst in a hydraulic version, loads of up to 10,000 kg can be carried. We also supply specially-designed goods lifts and heavy equipment lifting platforms for loads of up to 20 tonnes. Whenever a standard product is either unsuitable or prohibited, we will help you find the perfect solution.

Our clients include Petrochemical operators, contractors and engineering agencies,
throughout the World. Our lifts for passenger and/or goods, with pre-fabricated hoist way construction wherever applicable, our heavy lifting equipment and our dumb waiters can be deployed in every conceivable situation, even on board seagoing vessels or platforms.

The specs of our Explosion safe lifts:

Design, construction and installation of lifts for use in a explosion hazardous environment

Solutions for gasses, liquors and vapours

Traction lifts: load 300 – 5000kg

Hydraulic lifts: load up to 10.000kg

Hoisting platforms: load up to 20.000kg

Use of steel hoist way construction