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March 2021

Under phase 3 of the Sea 1654 programme the Australian government planned to build 2 new supply vessels, Auxiliary Oiler replenishment vessel / AOR, as extension for their support capacity for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

Purpose of phase 3 of the SEA 1654 project is replacement of the present supply vessels HM Success and HM Sirius. The purpose of the supply vessels is to supply dry cargo, water, food, ammunition and spare parts to bring that to civil or military vessels on open sea, far away from any harbour, so that they are able to stay longer at sea.

In addition the vessels are also usable to fight against pollution of the sea, logistic support of troops or support by humanitarian disasters.

Both new vessels will be built by the Spanish navy yard Navantia. The design is based to a Dutch / Spanish design developed in the nineties of the previous century. The result of that cooperation were 2 vessels, SPS Patiňo en HM Amsterdam, both taken into service in 1995. The HM Amsterdam was sold to Peru in 2014 and is currently sailing under the name BAP Tacna.

In December 2016 Goodlift NL Consultancy received the purchase order from Trinoxx BV, working for Navantia Shipyard, Ferrol Spain, for the design, delivery of lifts for the above mentioned project according to the demands of the Australian navy. Mid 2017 our design of the lifts were approved after several visits to the yard and negotiations with representatives of the yard and Australian navy.

For each vessel the following lifts will be supplied.

Passenger 1000 kgs Hospital lift Chain Driven
Goods 50 kgs Dumbwaiter elevator Chain Driven
Goods 2000 kgs Service elevator for food Chain Driven
Goods 150 kgs Service lift garbage Chain Driven
Goods 3500 kgs Forward elevator Chain Driven
Goods 5000 kgs Midships elevator Chain Driven
Goods 5000 kgs Aft elevator Chain Driven
Australian government

March 2021

HMS Amsterdam

In the meantime the first vessel is delivered early 2021 to the Australian Navy and is operating under the name NUSHIP Supply. Home port is Sydney.

Participated companies are:

Wittur BV: Delivery of control cabinets, cables, push buttons, safety gears, speed governors and guide rails.

Interlift BV: Delivery of machinery frames, emergency ladders, brackets and logistic support.

Van Dijk FEM Engineering BV: Calculations, support for classification and certification of the lifts by Lloyds Register of Shipping.

Technisch Bureau Schilling: Design, detailed engineering and overall project leader.

MAK Aandrijvingen BV: Gears, chain technology.

Talleres Mechanico Galicia: Lift cabin and cabin frames

Goodlift NL Consultancy: Design, planning, general coordination.

Trodz: ILS documents  / document control / safety manager

NewThex Nederland BV: Delivery of hydraulic hatches and doors.

Etteplan BV: Manuals for maintenance and installation

March 2021

Installation in progress of 5 passenger lifts and 2 food lifts for Air Defence Ship  P71 project IN Vikrant for Indian navy.

Current project status:
- 5 passenger lifts are commissioned and are in running condition
- 2 food lifts are commissioned and in running condition

Expected date of hand over from the shipyard to the Indian navy: mid. 2022

The ADS P71 project is the first of a number of aircraft carriers, completely designed en developed in India and   intended for use of their own navy.

The story.

In 2008 Goodlift NL Consultancy received the order from Trinoxx BV, working for the famous Scottish company MacTaggart Scott, specialized in lifting equipment for aircraft carriers for a preliminary design for the lifts for the above mentioned project, according the high demands as laid down by the Indian navy. After several visits to the ship yard in India the design was approved by the Indian navy. End 2009 Trinoxx BV received  a “letter of intent”  signed by MacTaggart Scott.  Goodlift NL Consultancy was requested by Trinoxx BV to take the lead to a number of specialized companies, to transfer the design to useful  lifts. Delay caused by problems during the building process and the Covid-19 pandemic have a consequence that  the first official sea trial will take place in 2021 while the hand over to the Indian navy is planned in 2022.

P71 project IN Vikrant for Indian

The companies involved are:

Wittur BV: Main engineering, control panels, cabling, push buttons, safety gears, speed governors, guide rails, gears.

Interlift BV: Detailed engineering, lift cars, car frames, gear frames, emergency ladders, guide rails brackets, additional door frames.

Femto BV: Calculations, 3-D drawings, conversion to Tribon. Goodlift NL Consultancy Design, planning, overall lead

Goodlift NL Consultancy: Design, planning, overall lead